Viral Marketing Increases Online Sales

That concept that viral marketing increases online sales seems to get a mention on web sites on a regular basis. So what is viral marketing?

The easiest way to explain viral marketing is to think in terms of networking. Your contacts know about you and your site and you hope to that they pass that information on to someone else. But hoping is never a good way to approach any form of marketing, you need to be pro-active in promoting your products.

By implementing viral marketing strategies, you provide incentives for visitors to carry your promotion messages. The incentive is usually a free tool for your marketing message or a means which makes it easier for people to spread the word about your products or services. You don’t push your visitors into carrying your promotion messages, it is rather a side effect from them gaining benefit from a utility or service that you offer.

Ebooks have long been popular forms of viral marketing. Give an ebook away that is full of valuable content but seeded with appropriate advertising material. If it is popular, it will gain many readers and so spread your message.

Other forms of viral marketing include article writing, newsletters and RSS feeds. Viral marketing, when done effectively, can increase your visitor numbers and so increase your sales.