Social Optimization: Getting The Most Out Of Your Content

One of the great things about Web 2.0 and the social communities that have developed is the increase in interaction. When it comes to SEO, we all crave inbound links and social interaction has certainly helped on that score.

Social bookmarking is on the increase with individuals either submitting their own content or bookmarking content they find on other sites, either for future reference or to share with friends. This provides for greater exposure of your content with an increase in links.

Social optimization strategies can make use of these links. If a site links back to your content, and the content which includes the link is of good quality, then by bookmarking that page you are helping to promote it. I am sure the webmaster on the site would be quite appreciative.

The aim however is not so much to deliver more traffic to their site, but deliver traffic to your own site. If you can deliver an extra 100 visitors to another site that links to yours, and just 10% of that traffic trickles across to you – that is another 10 visitors.

You may say it is only 10 – however there are several important facts to remember. First, you are not promoting your own site. When others look at your bookmarks, they don’t see your site, they see many others – always a good image. Other webmasters will see that you do promote sites that link to you so they will most likely find ways to link back to you.

Your content is the key to getting inbound links. Use those inbound links to increase your traffic whilst improving your social reputation.