Social Marketing Using Facebook

Facebook is a popular place for people to socialize and generally pass the time. It is also popular as a means for individuals to keep in contact with their family around the world, or to find old school and work friends. It also popular for as a place for businesses to undertake a little social marketing of their products.

Your profile is the place to start, it is the first place interested users will visit to check you out. Your profile page is one of the few areas you can control in Facebook. Here you can control your pages design and the information about you and your interests.

The amount of information you reveal is up to you. It is often a good idea to check out some of the other profiles within your niche to see how they present their pages and what sort of information they include.

Your profile is one place where you can express your passion for any cause, product or brand – including your own. Profile pages are seen by a lot of individuals, most only stopping by to see who you are. They are however potential customers so the face you show should be your best.

Now it’s time to network. The more people you can add to your network, the profile views you will receive. The more profile views, the more visitors to your websites and hopefully, more sales.