Search Trends Grows Some SEO Grunt

If you use Google Search Trends at all you will have noticed some extra features added. If you include a website URL into the trend search box, those sites with sufficient traffic volume will be displayed along with search terms used and related sites used.

This can be quite handy if you want to check on any of your opposition. You can check on up to five URL’s at once and the graph will be displayed with each URL shown as a comparison.

Even more importantly, the search terms used to find these sites will also be shown. With this information you can assess which keywords have been used to find your opponents web pages. You can either target those keywords to try and get ahead of them, or decide you cannot catch them and reword your search engine optimization programs.

Being able to track up to five sites is handy especially if your site is also displayed. You can really do a good comparison when all the data is there neatly graphed for you.

Google search trends is now more than just a keyword research tool – it is now an SEO spy tool as well.