Blogging Your Way To The Top Of The SERPs

Websites are generally functional, commercial complete the sale type sites. Blogging on the other hand is designed to communicate with the masses. When associated with a website they are designed to communicate with customers or potential customers. Blogs are capable of doing more than just communicate; they are ideal aids to the search engine optimization strategy of any website.

Blogging adds to a websites SEO by:

  • Providing fresh content – we know search engines love fresh content
  • Helping your website grow – another search engine requirement
  • Keywords variations – you can target a wider range of keywords including highly targeted long-tale searches.
  • Highly relevant content – link to your main website from content/keyword rich pages
  • You can submit your blog to blog-specific directories, receiving extra link love.
  • Greater social networking and social marketing opportunities

Blogging can help improve your search engine rankings and over time, help you get to the top of the SERP’s.