5 Reasons E-mail Marketing Works

Whilst e-mail marketing has been considered a traditional form of digital marketing, a focused e-mail marketing effort can often break through to an audience and deliver impressive results. E-mail marketing has several benefits over traditional forms of marketing and that is why it can be more successful. Some of the reasons that e-mail marketing does work is due to:

Fast Deployment : – Relatively speaking, email marketing can be deployed from concept to completion within a day if required. In exceptional circumstances it can be deployed within hours.

Personalised : Provides the ability to personalize your message and include interaction through clickable keyword-rich text links and graphics.

Easy to Digest : An email can be both read and digested by the recipient very quickly

Cost Effective : An email can be distributed to 100’s or 1000’s of contacts in a matter of minutes. When compared to other marketing initiatives, the cost per contact is drastically decreased with a wider audience.

Easy to Measure : Both the reception and the results of email marketing campaigns can be tracked.

Where an e-mail marketing campaign contains a clear call to action which then leads to a dedicated landing page the results can be impressive. E-mail marketing works well particularly when using a mail list that you have developed from customers who have opted in.